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Keep your pets safe and calm on New Years Eve

For some of us, our pets are considered straight up family. That is why we put so much time and care into making sure they have the best quality of life during their -often times- short lives.

Lots of people will be out celebrating and ringing in the new year with hopes of achieving all their goals and bettering themselves (and maybe partying a little too). While most people will be out tonight, New Years Eve, most of our pets will stay at home- if they are lucky indoors- where it’s warm and cozy. Some animals in the streets may not be that lucky and will have to endure a pretty stressful night with all the fireworks.

If you are heading out tonight, please be safe and don’t drink and drive! It’s never worth it. Also, please remember your beloved pets and take precautions so they can be a little less stressed. Here are some tips:

  • Most pets are extremely anxious when they hear loud noises they don’t recognize. Try drowning out the noise by leaving some classical music on, or, close the blinds or curtains to block out the bright lights from fireworks.
  • Bandage your dog; Dogs get considerably calmer with this technique. Go ahead try it! Here’s a link to a video on how to do it
  • If you don’t want to deal with bandaging and don’t mind spending a bit more, you may also get the Thunder Jacket and have it ready for any occasion, especially if your dog is always anxious. It has really good reviews. See for yourself on Amazon
  • Hire a dog sitter. There are lots of responsible people that would like to earn a few extrah

    bucks and it will make you feel less guilty for leaving your buddy at home.

  • If you are staying home, try distracting your pets with toys and healthy treats. Try catnip for your kitties.
  • Comfort your pet, this is the time to make up for all the frenzy of the holidays and all those walks or dog park runs you omitted because you were too busy. Don’t hold back and show your pet how much you love them. Lots of belly rubs or chin scratchings!

Remember, the shelters will be packed the following week because of intakes from people who lost their pet. Please make sure your dog/cat is microchipped, that they are wearing a collar with a good number to reach you at, and make sure to padlock your side gates and any outside door, as they will try to find shelter.

Have a PAWSitively Woderful New Year!!

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