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    Use A 2-1 Buydown To Attract More Buyers For Your House

    By Wes Sutton | October 4, 2022

    What is a 2-1 Buydown? A 2-1 buydown is a mortgage agreement that provides for a low interest rate for the first year of the loan, a somewhat higher rate for the second year, and then the full rate for the third and later years. KEY TAKEAWAYS A 2-1 buydown is a type of financing that lowers... Read More

    Buy First, Sell Later! How The Trade-In Program Works

    By Wes Sutton | September 21, 2022

    Trade In Program Read More

    The Three Ways To Sell Your Home In Today’s Market

    By Wes Sutton | September 14, 2022

    1. Market Max What to expect with the Market Max Program Maximum Cash Flexible Closing Regular Showings More Preparation Most Popular 2. Instant Cash What to expect with the Instant Cash Program Quick Cash Flexible Closing No Showings No Preparation More Fee’s 3. Trade-In What to expect with the Trade-In Program Buy then sell Showings... Read More

    What Does The Housing Market Have In Store For The Rest Of 2022?

    By Wes Sutton | September 8, 2022

    Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, seller, or both, you probably want to know: will home prices fall this year? Let’s break down what’s happening with home prices, where experts say they’re headed, and why this matters for your homeownership goals. Last Year’s Rapid Home Price Growth Wasn’t the Norm In 2021, home prices appreciated quickly. One reason why is that record-low... Read More

    What Would a Recession Mean for the Housing Market?

    By Wes Sutton | August 18, 2022

    According to a recent survey from the Wall Street Journal, the percentage of economists who believe we’ll see a recession in the next 12 months is growing. When surveyed in July 2021, only 12% of economists consulted thought there’d be a recession by now. But this July, when polled, 49% believe we will see a recession in the... Read More

    Selling Your House? Your Asking Price Matters More Now Than Ever

    By Wes Sutton | August 12, 2022

    There’s no doubt about the fact that the housing market is slowing from the frenzy we saw over the past two years. But what does that mean for you if you’re thinking of selling your house? While home prices are still appreciating in most markets and experts say that will continue, they’re climbing at a slower pace because rising... Read More

    Want To Buy a Home? Now May Be the Time.

    By Wes Sutton | August 1, 2022

    There are more homes for sale today than at any time last year. So, if you tried to buy a home last year and were outbid or out priced, now may be your opportunity. The number of homes for sale in the U.S. has been growing over the past four months as rising mortgage rates help slow the frenzy the housing marketsaw... Read More

    Think Home Prices Are Going To Fall? Think Again

    By Wes Sutton | July 25, 2022

    Over the last two years, the rate of home prices appreciated at a dramatic pace. While that led to incredible equity gains for homeowners, it’s also caused some buyers to wonder if home prices will fall. It’s important to know the housing market isn’t a bubble about to burst, and home price growth is supported by strong market fundamentals.... Read More

    What Does an Economic Slowdown Mean for the Housing Market?

    By Wes Sutton | July 7, 2022

    According to a recent survey, more and more Americans are concerned about a possible recession. Those concerns were validated when the Federal Reserve met and confirmed they were strongly committed to bringing down inflation. And, in order to do so, they’d use their tools and influence to slow down the economy. All of this brings up... Read More

    If You’re Selling Your House This Summer, Hiring a Pro Is Critical

    By Wes Sutton | June 30, 2022

    It can be tempting, especially with how hot the housing market has been over the past two years, to consider selling your home on your own. But today’s market is at a turning point, making it more essential than ever to work with a real estate professional. Not only will a trusted real estate advisor keep you updated... Read More

    A Key Opportunity for Homebuyers

    By Wes Sutton | June 28, 2022

    There’s no denying the housing market has delivered a fair share of challenges to homebuyers over the past two years. Two of the biggest hurdles homebuyers faced during the pandemic were the limited number of homes for sale and the intensity and frequency of bidding wars. But those two things have reached a turning point.... Read More

    Homeownership Is a Great Hedge Against the Impact of Rising Inflation

    By Wes Sutton | June 23, 2022

    If you’re following along with the news today, you’ve heard about rising inflation. Today, inflation is at a 40-year high. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB): “Consumer prices accelerated again in May as shelter, energy and food prices continued to surge at the fastest pace in decades. This marked the third straight month for inflation above an 8%... Read More

    Things To Avoid After Applying for a Home Loan

    By Wes Sutton | June 22, 2022

    Things To Avoid After Applying for a Home Loan  Once you’ve applied for a mortgage to buy a home, there are some key things to keep in mind. While it’s exciting to start thinking about moving in and decorating, be careful when it comes to making any big purchases. Here are a few things you may... Read More

    Home Price Deceleration Doesn’t Mean Home Price Depreciation

    By Wes Sutton | June 20, 2022

    Experts in the real estate industry use a number of terms when they talk about what’s happening with home prices. And some of those words sound a bit similar but mean very different things. To help clarify what’s happening with home prices and where experts say they’re going, here’s a look at a few terms you may... Read More

    Is the Housing Market Correcting?

    By Wes Sutton | June 15, 2022

    If you’re following the news, all of the headlines about conditions in the current housing market may leave you with more questions than answers. Is the boom over? Is the market crashing or correcting? Here’s what you need to know. The housing market is moderating compared to the last two years, but what everyone needs to remember is that... Read More

    Why Home Loans Today Aren’t What They Were in the Past 

    By Wes Sutton | June 3, 2022

    In today’s housing market, many are beginning to wonder if we’re returning to the riskier lending habits and borrowing options that led to the housing crash 15 years ago. Let’s ease those concerns. Several times a year, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) releases an index titled the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI). According to their website: “The MCAI provides the only standardized... Read More

    What Does The Rest Of The Year Hold

    By Brandon Howe | June 2, 2022

    What Does the Rest of the Year Hold for the Housing Market? If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house, you’re at an exciting decision point. And anytime you make a big decision like that, one thing you should always consider is timing. So, what does the rest of the year hold for the housing market? Here’s what... Read More